Certified Radon Detection
& Mitigation Professional

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless, and odorless gas that comes out from the earth’s surface. While it is present outdoors in harmless amounts, a concentration of radon gas inside your home can cause significant damage to your lung tissues over time and increase your risk of developing lung cancer.

R&C Inspections offers radon testing home inspection packages to save you and your family from the potentially hazardous health effects of this inert gas.

Sources of Radon Concentration

Radon is produced from the breakdown of uranium and sometimes gets concentrated in homes built on soils with natural uranium deposits. It can enter your building through cracks in floors or walls, construction joints, or gaps in foundations around pipes, wires, or pumps. Radon levels are usually highest in the basement or crawl space.

Radon can also enter your home through your water supply. If you have a private well, you should definitely consider having it tested for radon. It is important to have your water supply treated if the levels are high. You may also be required to contact your supplier if you have a public water supply in your home.

air infiltration in walls

Research Results

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon exposure accounts for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. Studies have also revealed that continuous exposure to the combination of radon gas and cigarette smoke creates a greater risk for lung cancer than either factor alone.

Advanced Detection Equipment

I use the most advanced equipment to test your home for radon, protecting you and your loved ones from a key cause of lung cancer. You can count on me to come up with personalized mitigation measures if the levels are high. The most common method is to have a vent pipe system and fan installed, which pulls radon from beneath the house and vents it to the outside.